Your Registry

Your registry, your way! Whether you are planning a special event, or just need reminders to not forget important dates, our registry lets you keep it all in one place. Easy to access, easy to use, and hundreds of local vendors you can shop from.


We all have lots of loved ones, friends, colleagues, and others that we want to celebrate during a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation, or during several holidays! But, as life gets busier, we often forget to send a card, or purchase a gift. When you subscribe to our free reminder service, no more forgotten special celebrations! Simply load the name of your special someone, along with the date of the milestone, and we will send you a reminder (based on your choice) about the upcoming date. We take it one step further - want to subscribe to our card service? Simply choose a handmade card from one of our vendors and it will be mailed to your recipient on the date you choose. Want to purchase a gift from one of our many vendors? Simply choose your gift and it will be wrapped and shipped to your recipient on the date you choose.

  • Enter people in your registry at any time, with online access 24/7
  • Access to hundreds of local vendors for online shopping
  • Reminders for lots of special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or create a custom occasion


Do you have a party to plan? Birthday party. Wedding. Anniversary party. Baby Shower. Bridal Shower. Girls get-together. The list goes on and on. Want to add some unique fun to the party? Consider having one or more of our vendors come party with you. Whether you want to make something, have some pamper me time, or want some unique shopping experiences, our vendors are available to come party with you! (you must be registered with us through our gift registry to access this service)

  • Choose from dozens of vendors and unique party ideas
  • Our vendor will help you plan a fun and unique experience for your guests
  • Simple to find the right fit and easy to schedule